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If you're a concerned citizen, but don't know how to influence decision makers, this is your site. Explore all our sections to get an idea of the services we offer. From HazteOir.org you can send a letter to the 120 most important media publications in Spain, ensure that your worries get to the right public official and take part in our survey or in HazteOir Forum, where you can contribute with your ideas and comments on the issues that we raise in our legislative alerts. From our pages, you have access to almost every spanish and many international publications. Besides, we offer the useful links and documents for the activist or concerned citizen.

quienesomos1.jpg'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.' (Margaret Mead)

'Action has never worried me, only inaction'. ( Winston Churchill)

'One of the first and most important causes of damage that affects one's country relates to the indifference of the general public... the truth is that: the vast majority of the Spanish citizens abstain from involvement; they simply don't take part in anything concerning the State... and the government doesn't communicate adequately with the public. This is the old regime's excuse. The majority of the public live cut-off from civil life, and must be encouraged to participate. (Antonio Maura).

Why HazteOir? 

Does the following story sound familiar? You're reading the newspaper or listening to the news when you hear a story about someone who is doing or saying something that you do not like. The activist in you, generally passive, cries out: "it can't continue like this! I have to do something!" Unfortunately, the story ends at this point, because a) it is virtually impossible to get in touch with that politician or journalist who could have done something for you; or b) if you could do it, would he really pay attention to you? HazteOir.org was founded by a group of friends who wanted to express and make heard their point of view, but did not know exactly whom to talk to. Citizens that, like you and like many millions of citizens, have become disenchanted with our Government. However, we had the idea to try to solve this problem. We decided that the internet was the perfect way to connect people to their politicians. That is how and why we created HazteOir.org. HazteOir.org is not only a place where you can get information about current political affairs or new laws, it is also a place where you can participate and take action. All citizens with access to internet can, from now on, take part in our surveys on-line or in the political parties forums, send messages to politicians and journalists, remit with only a 'click' a letter to the 120 most important media publications in Spain, or sign a manifesto. This and much more is what HazteOir.org is about.

Web de HOWhat do we want?

HazteOir.org's mission is to promote citizens' participation in politics. We believe this is the best way to recover the dignity of a true and just democracy and to make the governing of Spain a participative event for all citizens during the four years that pass between each elections. We believe that the interest of the public, of citizens, comes before the interests of politicians, parties, and the State, and that politics is essentially a service to serve the community, that leaders must listen to the public. From both humanitarian and Christian concepts of society, only by protecting values such as liberty, justice and solidarity can citizens retain their rights and dignity. We want to contribute to the construction of a fair society in favour of all citizens, regardless of sex, religion or origin. Our projects are aimed to promote (i) political participation, (ii) human dignity and (iii) the value and integrity of human life.