More than 100,000 people demand that FIFA eliminate the rainbow from football

More than 100,000 people demand that FIFA eliminate the rainbow from football



- Through an online signature collection campaign launched by on the CitizenGO platform.
- "At international football matches, the United States, the Republic of Ireland and some professional teams have required players to wear an LGBT rainbow on their shirts," says the campaign.

MADRID, DECEMBER, 4th, 2019.- More than 100,000 people have asked FIFA President Gianni Infantino to de-politicise football matches, specifically the rainbow symbol that footballers are required to wear on their shirts via an online petition launched by on the international CitizenGO platform.

In addition, according to “the English Premier League (EPL) will again host an LGBT promotion week December 3-9 called Rainbow Laces Week, with the LGBT rainbow appearing on the laces of cleats for players and referees, captain armbands, corner flags, ball plinths, substitution boards, and handshake boards. “To be authentically welcoming to all, soccer should be about soccer, not divisive controversies,” counters Let All Play founder Jennifer Bryson. 

Bryson states that "the rainbow does not belong to the player's team or the field team in football. The rainbow represents a political image for some, a violation of biological reality for others and a religious image for others. Therefore, the use of LGBT rainbow PLA in Rainbow Laces Week violates the Laws of the Game of Football: “Equipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images” (Law 04.5).Objections to rainbows in sports are both religious and non-religious.

CitizenGO's campaign explains how players who have refused to wear the rainbow because they disagree have been "harassed and now run the risk of being disadvantaged in their careers.

"FIFA and the IFAB have a responsibility to ensure that players are judged on their football skills, not on their political or religious opinions. No one should be required to wear a political symbol with which they disagree," states the CitizenGO and campaign.


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