Story Moja to recall controversial school books

Story Moja to recall controversial school books


-The publishing firm has agreed to no longer include "profanity"  in their child-oriented books, after a campaign launched by CitizenGO last September.

NAIROBI, KENYA, NOVEMBER 4TH, 2019 Kenyan Publishing House, Story Moja has announced the recall of all the books that caused controversy in schools across the nation. Story Moja founder, Muthony Garland, addressing the press last Friday said that those books had been published under his watch and therefore he takes "full responsibility". Since the release of the books, last September, the international platform CitizenGO requested that those books be recalled via an online signature-gathering campaign.

This controversy originated when a child in Nairobi harassed a fellow girl student using vulgar language he had read in the book "Blood Ties", edited by Story Moja and distributed in their school as supplementary, (not compulsory) readings, thus avoiding the control mechanisms in place from the Kenyan Ministry of Education for school books.

"We sincerely regret the error", said Story Moja Managing Director Dawn Makena, who has announced that they will provide alternative titles of choice" and ensured that "profane words would not find their way" into their books from hereinafter. 

Civic Support

The petition, addressed to the Ministry of Education that demanded the recall of "Blood Ties" and other Story Moja books has been endorsed by over 4,000 Kenyan CitizenGoers. CitizenGO Campaigns Director in Africa, Ann Kioko, delivered these signatures last Friday, 25 October at the Ministry of Education in Nairobi, where she said that "Story Moja Publishers having been associated with gay activists, also pride themselves in one of their objectives to avail age-appropriate sex education to readers. A number of their books in their catalogues are at that, availing sex education to school kids. One of their books is titled `Baba Sukari’, Swahili for ‘Sugar Daddy’.  This is a very controversial book especially during this period when parents are trying to end the ‘sponsor culture’ in the country”. 

Kenyan citizens signing this petition even said: “The more you dig into Story Moja catalogue of books, the more disgusted you become.”

Kioko congratulated them for the publisher's board decision: "It is a victory for common sense", she concluded.


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