Tafida is comfortable in the Gaslini hospital

Tafida is comfortable in the Gaslini hospital



-“Thanks to CitizenGO”, said twice Shelina Begum, during the press conference.

GENOA, OCTOBER 16TH 2019.- Tafida’s parents yesterday brought their five-year-old daughter to the Gaslini Hospital in Italy, where she was greeted by CitizenGO. In the press conference that took place afterwards, Tafida’s mother thanked the international platform for their support for the family, and then talked with the Campaigns Director for the UK and Ireland, Caroline Farrow. In addition, the President of CitizenGO, Ignacio Arsuaga delivered her a compilation of support messages. “I will read them to Tafida tonight”, said the mother, Shelina Begum.

CitizenGO organised a welcome party for the family to greet the family outside the hospital, creating a lot of international press coverage. Many members of the British and Italian media were present as Tafida’s parents posed for photographs together with several CitizenGOers in front of a large banner.

In the press conference Shelina, a representative of Istituto Gaslini, and the head of the medical team that will treat Tafida, took turns to speak.  The CitizenGO’s campaign director in Italy, Filippo Savarese also spoke up, to thank the trust the family’s put in the platform.

“I’m emotionally drained”

For Shelina Begum, the experience has been “draining”, but even then she only had words of gratitude for the platform, and especially her representative in the United Kingdom, Caroline Farrow to whom she gave an interview at the end of the press conference.

Thus concludes this signature-gathering campaign, that almost reached 279,000 subscriptions worldwide, and for which CitizenGO organized vigils in London, Madrid, Argentina, Colombia, France, Germany, Poland and the US. CitizenGoers across the world expressed solidarity and support for the ordeal experienced by this family of immigrants in the United Kingdom. Several ads were published in the press, and a representative of the platform spoke at the Human Rights Council of the United Nations about this issue.


From now onwards, the Gaslini hospital has stated that it will only update the press if Tafida’s condition changes.


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