Kidnapped and tortured victims of attacks of Islamist groups will participate and give their testimony during the III Congress 'We are all Nazarenes’

Kidnapped and tortured victims of attacks of Islamist groups will participate and give their testimony during the III Congress 'We are all Nazarenes’

- Miguel Vidal, director of the Congress # WeAreN2018 organized by and CitizenGO assures that "in 2017 alone more than three thousand Christians were killed because of their faith. Many more have been raped and tortured, or continue to be kidnapped by the jihadists".

- This year’s congress will focus on the persecution of the most innocent, Christian adolescents and children, who suffer the consequences of professing their faith in public and who live under the yoke of terrorists.

MADRID, October 11, 2018.- Two students from the Kenyan Garissa University who survived an Al Shabaab militants attack, a woman abducted, tortured and raped by this terrorist group and a European man who has shared a cell with a member of Bin Laden's personal guard, are some of the protagonists that can be heard at this year’s #WeAreN 2018 Congress to be held in Madrid on 19., 20. and 21. October.

The participants will share with the audience horrendous stories such as this one: “My little son was killed in front of me. Then one of the terrorists raped me, leaving me pregnant". The organizers of the III Congress 'We are all Nazarenes' have had access to this other testimony of one of the persecuted Christians who will speak at the event: "Picking up corpses for a common grave, hugging children until the blasts stop, it makes your blood freeze" .

This year’s congress will also feature a photography exhibition on the persecution of Christian children in the world. In addition, there will be a round table with researchers and journalists discussing 'Islam, Jihadism and Islamophobia: are we condemned to confrontation?'

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A few weeks before the  #WeAreN2018 Congress, and CitizenGO have launched the petition"Protect persecuted Christian children"  addressed to Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and other United Nations leaders, as well as to the permanent ambassador of Spain to the United Nations office, Senén Florensa and the special envoy of the European Commission for the promotion of freedom of religion and belief outside the EU, Ján Figel.

After the Congresses held in 2015 (Madrid) and 2016 (UN headquarters in New York),  2018 is especially dedicated to children who suffer for keeping their faith. There will be tough testimonies and the screening the film ‘So persecuted Christians live’ as well as a report ont ‘21 martyrs’.

The 3rd International Congress 'We are all Nazarenes' (# WeAreN2018) is organized by the platform, which was created in Spain in 2011 with the aim of defending religious freedom, and by the CitizenGO Foundation.

The congresses WeAreN ‘We are all Nazarenes’

The international conferences on religious freedom WeAreN We are all Nazarenes, aim to raise awareness and inform governments, society and Western media about the need to respond to the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world since the Second World War: the genocide of Christians and other religious minorities perpetrated by Islamist extremism in countries like Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, etc.

Real victims of the jihadist persecution participated in the two past congresses: Christian patriarchs of Eastern churches, bishops, archbishops, pastors and missionaries from dioceses and churches beaten by barbarism in Africa and the Middle East, as well as believers who had experienced firsthand violent acts and persecution because of their faith.

According to the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, 100 to 150 million Christians in the world suffer persecution every year because of their faith. Christians are the most persecuted group on earth and its religion the one that faces the most number of violent acts, deaths and displacement.

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