Citizens take a stand against cultural imperialism at the United Nations

Citizens take a stand against cultural imperialism at the United Nations

- Ann Kioko: “Every time there is a United Nations meeting, African women get worried because many of these meetings are attended by people who do not represent their interests. The many organizations that are able to afford air tickets to the UN are mostly pro-abortion and anti-family.
- In Kenya, the same organizations have been funding and leading campaigns against the majority of women to legalize abortions and attack the family by pushing for legal homosexuality.”

NAIROBI, KENYA, 16TH JANUARY 2020.- The CitizenGO Campaigns Director for Africa, Ann Kioko is coordinating an online signature campaign launched asking the Kenyan Attorney General Mr. Paul Kihara to veto recommendations that are pro-abortion and anti-family that would emanate from the upcoming very crucial Universal Periodic Review of Kenya at the United Nations in Geneva.  The Director of CitizenGO Campaigns in Africa, Ann Kioko, delivered more than 3,000 signatures product of the campaign Kenya: Defend Life and Family at the UN in Geneva at the headquarters of the Attorney-General & Department of Justice in Nairobi City. 

Kioko laments “On 5th of November 2019, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights  (OHCHR) published a report compiled from all stakeholders in Kenya ahead of the upcoming Universal Periodic Review to happen at the United Nations in Geneva. Prominent in the report is the recommendations by the Kenya National Human Rights Commission pushing for legal homosexuality and abortion. Recommendations by the Faith Based Groups seem to have been ignored or not given the priority ”

The spokeswoman inisisted the following should form the priorities at the UPR and thus Kenya should adopt as recommendations: 

- The need to protect the family by implementing the family policy that has been pending at the Ministry of East Africa, Labor and Social Services.
- A clear law that forbids abortion in Kenya and that stops organizations like Marie Stopes and International Planned Parenthood Federation from procuring abortions against the laws of Kenya for their financial benefits.
- A policy that takes care of mental issues related to post-abortive women going through a crisis after regretting their abortions.
- A policy or law that allows teenagers who fall pregnant to be incorporated back to schools
- A policy that forbids introduction of destructive Comprehensive Curricula in schools .  These curricula that is being pushed by Rutgers and UNFPA requires children to learn homosexuality, how to be transgender,  how to masturbate and sex as a right from birth.

“We are writing this petition asking the Attorney General of Kenya to reject any recommendations that are inconsistent with Kenyan law and to urge the Kenyan Mission in Geneva to stand firm against the push for abortion , homosexuality and any form of cultural imprelialism,”added Ann Kioko.

Press materials:

- Petition asking Kenya to stand for Life and Family at the United Nations 
- Flickr album of the signatures delivered in Nairobi City 


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