CitizenGO celebrates the recent improvement of Tafida Raqeeb in Genoa

CitizenGO celebrates the recent improvement of Tafida Raqeeb in Genoa

- Tafida Raqeeb's family managed to save her from euthanasia in the UK and she was transferred to Italy, where she has now managed to leave the Intensive Care Unit. 
- Ignacio Arsuaga: "We will continue to fight every time a sick child, such as Tafida, Charlie or Alfie Evans, is denied the right to live."


MADRID, JANUARY 10th 2020.- Just 70 days after being admitted to the Gaslini Hospital of Genoa, Tafida Raqeeb has left the Intensive Care Unit on January 8th and is breathing on her own, according to Andrea Moscatelli, director of the neonatal intensive care area of the mentioned Italian hospital.


The victory began on October 15th, when the 5-year old arrived in Italy after the Royal Hospital in London refused to keep her alive by removing her life support. This triumph is due to the more than 275 thousand people who signed a petition launched by the international platform CitizenGO asking officals in the United Kingdom to allow Tafida to be moved to the hospital in Italy for care.


Her mother, Shelina Bergum, also commented: “If anyone could see Tafida right now, they would be surprised. She no longer has any tubes in her nose and is always opening her eyes. The rehabilitation unit has a large room. It has physiotherapy equipment and there is a hydrotherapy pool in the unit. Her recovery basically begins today, with access to all of these resources to which she did not have before”. 


The spokesman for CitizenGO, Ignacio Arsuaga said: “We are very happy that Tafida is gradually having a better quality of life, this shows the importance of preserving human dignity of the most vulnerable in our society". Arsuaga concluded: “This great happiness is sometimes tinged with sadness. We must not forget the little Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans and their families, who were denied this opportunity, just as they tried to deny Tafida and her family. ”



CitizenGO at Tafida’s side


CitizenGO immediately launched a petition campaign in July 2018 that brought together almost 279,000 supporters worldwide. The platform managed different actions worldwide, organizing several vigils in London, Madrid, Argentina, Colombia, France, Germany, Poland, Canada, and the USA, in which citizens expressed their support for this family in the United Kingdom. Announcements were also published in the Italian and London press and a representative of the international platform, CitizenGO,  spoke about this issue at the UN Human Rights Council 2019. In addition, the platform delivered the signatures collected in several cities in Europe and America. On the other hand, the international platform CitizenGO started a successful fundraising for the lawyers of the child’s parents.



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