CitizenGO demands the Kenyan Government recall their ambassador to the UN

CitizenGO demands the Kenyan Government recall their ambassador to the UN



-The ambassador denounces harassment from CitizenGO when she simply received on her phone the SMS from all those subscribing the petition that demanded not turning the UN in a platform for abortion.

MADRID, MAY 20TH, 2019 - The international petition platform CitizenGO has requested that the Kenyan Government recall the deputy chief of the Kenyan Permanent Mission at the United Nations, Koki Muli. Online signatures, addressed to the head of the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Monica Juma, ask for Muli’s immediate removal.

More than 2,000 Kenyan citizens have signed the petition. Signers agree that they no longer consider the Kenyan ambassador fit for duty. The petition was launched after a "harassment" outcry from the ambassador, which she claimed was due to CitizenGO, during the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in March.

Ambassador Koki Muli, then-Chair of the CSW, received signatures from Kenyan constituents requesting that she not allow the annual event at the United Nations to be used as a platform for abortion. The emails reached her on her phone, giving her the impression that she was being harassed. Instead of muting her phone or simply listening to her constituents, the official went on attacking against the petition platform CitizenGO, the organization that hosted the petition.  

Koki Muli made her discomfort and irritation known. This moved Ignacio Arsuaga, CitizenGO's President, to answer with a written apology for any emotional distress that the petition caused Muli. The Ambassador did not respect this apology and instead threatened to plead her case to United States' authorities. As of yet, CitizenGO has not received a subpoena regarding the matter.


The online petition now asks for Koki Muli’s recall and denounces the lies that the ambassador has spread about CitizenGO and the pro-life movement at the UN, not only to pro-abortion media but also press credited at the United Nations. CitizenGO African Campaigns Director Ann Kioko denounces, "sometimes she'd say it was 1,000 messages, in other interviews, it was 128,000. In some media, she even claimed that she was attacked physically by pro-life activists.” Kioko continues, "When the president of Kenya appoints government officials, we expect those officials to listen and represent all Kenyans without fear of legal backlash," concludes Ann Kioko.

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