CitizenGO celebrates Asia Bibi leaving Pakistan and thank her for her testimony and strength

CitizenGO celebrates Asia Bibi leaving Pakistan and thank her for her testimony and strength


- Ignacio Arsuaga: "It's great news as millions of citizens around the globe have prayed and fought for about a decade so that she has proved innocent, was liberated and she could live in a safe place".


MADRID, MAY 8TH2019. The CitizenGO platform has shown happiness at the news of Asia Bibi leaving Pakistan, six months after the Supreme Court acquitted her for a presumed crime of blasphemy, and was liberated after 9 years in prison.

"We join the celebrations for this happy event. We're very satisfied thatCitizenGO has been an instrument so that millions of people around the world implicated and mobilized to obtain her freedom", confessed Ignacio Arsuaga, President of the platform, dedicated to the defense of religious freedom.

"During the 9 years Asia Bibi has been in prison for the mere fact of being Christian, and also in those last few months in which she was still in danger, despite being free, millions of people have prayed and worked so that she was freed and later she was allowed to leave the country, at the risk for her life", said Arsuaga.

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Ever since she was sentenced to death in Pakistan for a presumed crime of blasphemy, the platform CitizenGO has organized vigils at the Pakistani embassies in many countries, demanding her acquittal and have invited her family to Europe to broadcast her case. CitizenGO has also written to the President of Pakistan and the chiefs of state and government in several western countries to reach a compromise to free Asia Bibi. Representatives from CitizenGO have met with international institutions so that they advocate for her. The platform has channeled monetary aid from thousands of people to contribute to judicial expenses and help the family.  

"Asia Bibi leaving Pakistan motivates us to keep working for religious freedom and the fundamental rights of persecuted Christians, that is still the most harassed religious group in the world by radicals", concludes Arsuaga.