CitizenGO hails rejected legalisation of abortion “a great victory”

CitizenGO hails rejected legalisation of abortion “a great victory”

- The international platform through many initiatives continues its defense of women and their unborn children. CitizenGO was present at Wednesday’s vote in the High Chamber, awaiting the results along with thousands of other pro-life organisations.

- CitizenGO Argentina: “With the vote of the senate, Argentina demonstrates that it is a nation which defends life, a nation that doesn’t promote the culture of death to which other countries have succumbed.  This is no doubt a day of celebration for everyone who defends both the life of the mother and the unborn child”.

ARGENTINA, August 9, 2018.- The international platform CitizenGO celebrates the Argentinian Senate’s rejection of legalisation of abortion early this morning as “a great victory”.  On the table was the legalisation of abortion until the 14th week. After 12 hours of debate, the Argentinian High Chamber blocked the law with 38 votes to 31.

The platform has praised Argentina’s fight to defend the right to life for unborn children. “Argentinians have fought to stay clear of the culture of death to which other countries have succumbed.For all the people who defend both the life of the mother and the unborn child, this is without doubt a day worth celebrating”, states Silvina Spataro, the platform’s spokeswoman.

Furthermore she stresses that “Argentina had the courage to not only show its support in favour of life, but also support those brave politicians who decided to put aside ideology and defend human justice above anything else”.  

Moreover, many CitizenGO volunteers arrived at the Embassy of Argentina in Madrid to thank the senators who in the early morning hours voted in defence of the unborn.

CitizenGO rallies in favour of life

With the slogan, “SalvemosLas2Vidas” (Let’s save both lives), CitizenGO kept up its efforts to stop the legalisation of abortion in Argentina and organized a number of activities to that effect.

More concretely, it organised a truck that made its way through Buenos Aires in April, brandishing two main messages. One message was directed at Mauricio Macri: “Mr. President, you have committed to defending life. Keep your word!” The other message was an appeal to the legislators: “Let’s save both lives”. The international platform, together with other associations who form the Unidad Provida (Pro-life Unity), also managed to garner the support of 3 million people who took part in a campaign to lobby indecisive legislators.  

In May CitizenGO put up billboards all around the Argentinian capital, reminding feminists that “abortion is the principal cause of femicide”. And a month later it erected giant poster in front of the Congress which reiterated: “Dear legislators, let’s save both lives”.

The platform’s campaign had large media coverage. In fact, the newspaper El Litoral announced, addressing the senator Omar Perotti: “Please know that we will take your actions into consideration when it comes to voting you into office in 2019. You have lost the pro-life vote”. This announcement was also shared on social media for two weeks.

Rallies throughout  Latin America

Moreover CitizenGO took part in all organized demonstrations taking place since March 25 , flying Argentinian flags, displaying blue scarves and passing out leaflets to the participants.

Pro-life activists handed in lists of signatures to Argentinian embassies around the world, addressing President Mauricio Macri and the Senate of the Republic of Argentina through diplomatic channels.  Other countries pledged their support such as Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Bolivia.

“At CitizenGO we will fight for the right to life in any part of the world, wherever it is necessary. We will fight for legislation that protects unborn children and their mothers”, it states.  


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