Asia Bibi’s trial postponed after one of the judges declares his inhibition

Asia Bibi’s trial postponed after one of the judges declares his inhibition

MADRID, OCTOBER 13, 2016.The final judgment against Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian mother who was sentenced to death for a false blasphemy charge, has been postponed indefinitely. The decision to postpone was prompted by one of the judges, who decided to recuse himself from the case.


The sentencing has been suspended until further notice. The judge who recused himself explained that he participated in the trial against Mumtaz Qadri, the murderer of Salman Tasser. Tassar was the governor of Punjab, and he was killed on January 4, 2011 after he proclaimed his support for Asia Bibi. The judge believed his impartiality was questionable due to his participation in this related trial.


The Spanish platform has been involved for six years in the release of Asia Bibi through citizen mobilization, legal and economic support and the international dissemination of case unjustly imprisoned Pakistani Christian. spokesman, Miguel Vidal, said: "The decision on Thursday was the first step towards Asia Bibi’s release after six years in prison. We regret what happened, but we continue to hope that the end of the ordeal for this imprisoned Christian will come soon. We will continue to fight for this mother, and for all persecuted Christians”.


Vidal also thanked the "thousands of people who, through the years, pressed the Pakistani authorities and mobilized the governments of Spain, Europe, and elsewhere in favor of Asia Bibi.”

Asia Bibi was accused of violating the blasphemy law in Pakistan in 2009. She has been pressured to convert to Islam, a possibility that she has rejected every time.



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