Apoya el protocolo de incorporación de Polonia a la UE

Apoya el protocolo de incorporación de Polonia a la UE

Aleksander KwasniewskiEl presidente de Polonia Aleksander Kwasniewski, está recibiendo serias presiones de distintos lobbies internacionales para promocionar la eufemística "salud sexual y reproductiva" con motivo de la firma del tratado de incorporación de Polonia a la UE. Apoya un proyecto de integración respetuoso con las tradiciones culturales de los estados miembro.



Some feminist groups are pressuring Aleksander Kwasniewski, Poland's current President, to alter the country's Abortion legislations. One of these groups is the International Planned Parenhood Federation (I.P.P.F). It is acting gravely against the right to life and Christian values, yet dares to call itself " Catholic" to the resentment of the Catholic Church. For instance, the I.P.P.F is actually boasting about contributing to the Chinese birth control policies, including forcing thousands of women to abort merely to obtain desirable birth figures.


Nevertheless, the same group is carrying its Death Culture even further: It is questioning the Catholic Church's Moral Integrity since the latter regards Abortion as an actual crime. Furthermore, the I.P.P.F is undertaking a new campaign in Poland demanding its Government to legalize abortions, if Poland wants to integrate within the European Union by 2004. However, in their mischievous undertakings, they are violating some fundamental human rights that are far more basic than sexual rights: the right to life.


In any event, you can act now against this outrageous campaign fostering nothing else than a culture of death. Simply show your support to the Polish president by writing a message to supportpoland@eciudadanos.org, and by asking him to maintain Poland's position and sovereignty on issues such as defending the life of the unborn,defining matrimony, family, etc... You can sumbit this letter and add your own comments and arguments against the campaign of death. Thank you for defending life.


President´s e-mail is listy@prezydent.pl. The Prime Minister (his name is: Leszek Miller) office e-mail is: cirinfo@kprm.gov.pl. Minister Danuta Huebner is a chief of European Integration Departament. Shehas no e-mail box. You can send mail to her assistent box: monika_nogaj@mail.ukie.gov.pl. Jozef Oleksy is a chief of the Europe Comitee in Polish Parliament (Sejm). His adress is: jozef.oleksy@sejm.pl.


Última hora: Los húngaros votaron el sábado en referéndum su ingreso a la UE. El presidente de Polonia (Leszek Miller) recibe fuertes presiones de distintos lobbies para legalizar el aborto con motivo de la entrada de Polonia en la Unión Europea. Escríbele pidiéndole que defienda el derecho a vivir del no-nacido. Apoya al Presidente polaco enviando tu mensaje a supportpoland@eciudadanos.org.

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Dear Mister President,

C/C Leszek Miller, Prime Minister
Danuta Huebner Minister chief of European Integration Departament
Jozef Oleksy, chief of the Europe Comitee in Polish Parliament (Sejm)

I am delighted that Polish accessional procedure to UE is ending. We are convinced that Your country can bring much to united Europe.

The Constitution of Your country is an enormous asset of Poland which was created with Your great participation. I have special consideration for included articles about life and family protection.

I am aware of the campaign you are receiving from feminist groups requesting the liberalization of Poland's abortion laws. However, these groups are not epresentative of the Western Europe society.

Poland is a deeply rooted in Natural values country, specially concerning family, marriage and the protection of life of human beings from the conception to the natural death. Poland's entrance into the European Union must not imply denying its own values.

That is why I believe you should diligently preserve Poland's identity concerning the above issues, as you march toward the performance of the Accession Treaty to the European Union, with a protocol emphasizing that nothing in the Treaty on European Union shall affect the application in Poland of Articles 18 and 38 of the Constitution. You should also require that Poland shall never contribute financially to anything contrary to its stand in the above matter.

I am for a "European" Poland. However, I do not want your country to hange its moral roots because of some lobby pressures. Receive my support as euro-citizen willing to enhance our frontiers on a moral basis,

Best regards,